10 Ways YOU can improve your Website SEO - Made Simple

So, you´ve had an incredible business website built, but the work isn´t done yet. To stay visible, to become trusted and to continually appear in online search engine results, you´ve got to work at it. Here's 10 ways you can improve your website SEO, made simple. Let´s dive in.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation; let me quickly explain.

We already know you´re fabulous, but as a new website on the block, you don´t have much credibility on the search engine scene. Google, Bing and Yahoo don´t really know who you are yet, but by working on your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) you can improve this, and your website will begin to rise through the ranks.


You might hear S.E.O and think oh f*** another techy acronym to figure out. It definitely can be techy, but I´ll keep it simple. There are things you, yes you yourself, can do to improve your website SEO and in turn, improve your ranking among your competitors.

How to Improve your website SEO

Consistently Create Content

Consistently create and upload regular content to your website. A blog is a great way to do this and engage visitors at the same time.

Be Active on Social Media

Connect your business social media accounts to your website and post to them regularly.

Utilise Headings

Use headings and subheadings to punctuate your written content. That way search engines like Google can easily “read” and understand what your website is all about.

Offer a Reason to Return

Give your website visitors a reason to return. Utilise content to become a trusted, go-to source in your field and they´ll keep coming back for more. Google and other search engines will reward you for it.

Keyword Strategy

Execute a keyword strategy for your website. Consider what your target customer would type into Google to find businesses or services like yours. Think about the problem you solve, your key services or products, your location; and from there start to create a keyword list to incorporate within your business website.

Now we´re upping the tech factor, just a little:

Test Your Website

If you don´t have anyone managing your website (like The Blogging Boutique), then you should regularly check it yourself. Use it like a visitor and check for broken links, error pages, necessary updates or outdated information.

Include Page Descriptions

Check your website pages all have page descriptions. This is a short paragraph summarising the content on that page, which search engines use as part of their review. It´s also a great place to integrate a few of your keywords, so start making that list.

Generate Quality Backlinks

You know all that great, original content you´ve been creating? Share it with others. Do a bit of networking, approach other business, media and publications with the same target market as yours and share. If other websites link to your site, it´s called a backlink. From a search engine POV, the more backlinks you have, the more trusted and valued your content is, and whoosh, up the rankings you fly.

Utilise Image Alt tags and Descriptions

Search engines don´t “see” images, so you´ve got to help them out. We can do this by adding Alt tags and image descriptions. Review your website and ensure your images are optimised and tagged.

Check your Code – Image – Text Balance

When it comes to SEO, content is Queen, as search engines use this to review, check and authenticate your website. We totally agree images and graphics look great, but you´ve got to have a balance between the written and the visual. Review your website with this in mind and edit your content to make improvements.

SEO for Starters

This really is just scratching the surface of SEO, but it´s a great place to start. If you´d like to delve deeper and have a thorough review of your site, you can book a Full Website Audit with The Blogging Boutique. They´re currently on offer at more than 50% off.

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If you have a question about any of these tips, or if you´d like my help with improving your website S.E.O. then get in touch.

The Blogging Boutique is here to help.

Stay safe. Until the next time…

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