4 Top Tips to Tackle the Blank Page Dread

Whether you love or loathe writing content for your business, there will always be times when you’re struggling for ideas and inspiration. We´re not about to claim we can stop that from happening ever again, but we can help you to prepare in advance, so that the next time the blank page dread kicks in you´re ready for it!

Here are the top tips, from us at The Blogging Boutique, to do just that:

1 – Keep a List

Keep a list of ideas, articles, links and exerts you can fall back on to spark an idea when inspiration is low. This could be a fully categorised, colour-coded spreadsheet or a simple note on your phone. Either way, we recommend having a place, any place, to note down your content ideas when they spring to mind. And please do it when they spring to mind, as we all know later is often …err what was that…? But we digress.

2 – Outline Content Pillars

Social media content pillars can save you a whole lot of time when inspiration is low. Think of them as categories or topics for you to base your content around. I bet we could sit down together and come up with 10 content pillars for your business before even finishing our coffee. Last time I checked, there's 7 days in a week, so that´s plenty of topics for one social media post per day.

Let me give you an example to explain.

Example Ellie owns a Restaurant. Her social media content pillars could look something like this:

Pillar 1 - Main Menu

Pillar 2 – Weekly Specials

Pillar 3 – Lunch Menu

Pillar 4 – Cocktail Menu

Pillar 5 – Wine List

Pillar 6 - Live Music

Pillar 7 – Weekly Events

Pillar 8 – The Venue

Pillar 9 – Meet the Team

Pillar 10 – Weddings and Parties

Here are 10 topics for Ellie to base her social media content around. That´s not to say Ellie should post 1 through to 10 and hit repeat, but when you´re struggling for ideas it makes it a whole lot simpler if you've got some key topics mapped out in advance.

3 - Upcycle Your Own Content

Upcycling your own content isn´t cheating; it´s smart. Browse through your own back catalogue for inspiration. Look for any outdated information that needs refreshing, provide a new update on a previous project or remind your readers about helpful resources you have available.

4 – Content Trigger Dates

Something as simple as a date can spark an idea for your content. The Blogging Boutique has a calendar of content trigger dates. You can download these for the whole of 2020 right now, from our resources. Did we mention it´s free? You´ll find them here.

And that wraps up this instalment of the blog. Our advice for the next time the blank page dread kicks in? Don´t fight it; prepare for it.

It will happen. We all get writers block, but we hope these tips will make it a whole lot easier to handle the next time it rears its ugly head.

Let us know in the comments, which one was your favourite?