How to get your Instagram Posts seen by more People

I was up early and I´m getting straight into it answering some of your questions I received during the Content Prep Fest.

Todays FAQ is “how do I get my Instagram posts seen by more people?”

Here are my top tips:

1 – An Instagram business account allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post. Use them, please. There are various people out there claiming to know the magic number, but I haven’t seen anything to suggest either way. If you ask me, that´s 30 opportunities to make new connections, why not take advantage of them?

2 - When it comes to selecting your hashtags, some are more productive than others. In an ideal world, you want a variety. I recommend using less than 10 with 500K posts or more; for the remaining 20+ utilise hashtags with under 500K posts. These “less active” hashtags can provide more opportunity for your post to be seen, as it stays recent for longer. With a highly active hashtag, your post can get buried in seconds, and then bye bye reach.

3 – Share your posts to your Instagram stories. It´s so easy to do. Once your post is live, tap the paper plane icon just below it and share to your story. You can tag others, add a geo tag, bring it to life with .gifs – whatever´s your style! Once shared, users can watch your story for 24 hours and tap straight through to the post on your grid.

Stories provide a whole world to explore with a whole new audience, so don't miss out.

And there you have it. Our three top tips to get your Instagram posts seen by more people.

If you could benefit from some Instagram hashtag help or story guidance, The Blogging Boutique can help. If you need me, you know where I am!