Identifying your Target Client

Outlining your target client is absolutely essential to ensure your time, money are efforts aren’t going to waste when it comes to writing content for your business. In this blog post I’m going pose some questions that will help you identify exactly who they are, so your time is being well spent.

Let’s dive in!

Question 1: Who are you pitching your product or service to?

Direct to Consumers: Individuals and households that will benefit directly from your products.

Business to Business: Organisations that purchase your product or service to benefit their business.

Resellers and Middlemen: Wholesalers and retailer resell your product for a profit.

Question 2: Where is your client located?

If you are a brick-and-mortar business then location is a defining characteristic for your ideal client, but for online businesses location can be just as important. Consider your postage area, the language that is spoken and the time zone of your targeting areas. Don´t waste time on locations you can´t serve.

Question 3: How does your service benefit your clients?

Outline the benefits your business offers its customers. Knowing the problem you solve enables you to identify who you can help.

We´ll then combine this with the answers to question 1, 2 and 3 and start to develop a target client base that it handpicked for your business. And once we have that, we can write effective, convincing content that speak directly to your target client.

I hope you´ve found this helpful. If you can’t wait until the next blog post, then discover more on Instagram or Facebook.

Until then… x