It´s Here! Your C-Word Safety Net

It´s official. The C-word is affecting us all, but despite everything in the news, life still goes on.

We´re still running businesses, we´re just doing it from home. This for me is actually nothing new, but there sure have been a few curve balls thrown my way. There´s attempting to homeschool, whilst preventing the kids from indulging in 8 hours of screen time and 10+ snacks a day. And, aside from the scheduling, snacking and spacing logistics of having everyone at home, love them though I do, there are also our concerns and anxiety for those who are not so strong or blessed to be surrounded by a family, like us.

I was thinking what I, and The Blogging Boutique could provide to support you at this time. Everything felt like a drop in the ocean, but as an online-first business, I knew we had valuable knowledge and experience to share with you all at this unique and unprecedented time.

So, what did we come up with?

A downloadable guide that I am now referring to as Your C-Word Safety Net

It´s full of tips, links and software solutions to support women in business and make the switch to being digitally focused that little bit simpler.

If you’re keen to…

  • Start reaching out to online audiences.

  • Give your business a stable footing on social media.

  • Enable and encourage online interactions with your clients.

  • Use this time to build and improve your online presence.

  • Continue to service your clients in the digital space.

  • Update your online platforms with changes to your business.

  • Get creative with automation and claim back your time.

…then the C-Word Safety Net is for you!

The good news is you can download your copy right here.


Psst! Want a sneak peak inside?

It´s free to our online community and it´s available now.