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We´ve made it our mission to support, contribute to and promote the female led businesses we admire so much. Which is why we´ve created our new series; The Blogging Boutique Recommends. Each week we´ll be featuring a business, service or product that was created by women for women.

The Wing

The first business in the spotlight is The Wing. They´ve created female coworking and networking spaces all over the world, with the most stunning interiors you´ve ever seen! It´s the perfect place to grab a coffee, connect with like minded ladies or simply head for some peace and quiet.

Where can I find The Wing?

The Wing was founded in 2016, with a mission to create a community for women across the globe to connect, work together and thrive. Since then, The Wing has grown from strength to strength and now boast venues across the globe.

Current locations include:

NYC Williamsburg, U.S.A.

NYC Bryant Park, U.S.A.

NYC Flatiron, U.S.A.

NYC Soho, U.S.A.

NYC Dumbo, U.S.A.

San Francisco, U.S.A.

Chicago, U.S.A.

Boston, U.S.A.

DC Georgetown, U.S.A.

LA W. Hollywood, U.S.A.

Seattle, U.S.A.

Toronto, Canada

London, England

What makes The Wing so special?

The Wing, doesn´t just provide you with a desk in a coworking space, it accepts you. The Wing is a community that fosters connections, offers support circles, provides professional mentoring services and encourages you to form bonds with your fellow business babes. It´s their mission is to support the advancement of women and that´s definitely something we, at The Blogging Boutique, can get behind.

A special thanks to The Wing for creating these fabulous spaces for us to enjoy. Perhaps I will see you at one of their hangouts soon.

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