Your Website Homepage Checklist from The Blogging Boutique

Your website homepage is your digital shop front and the first introduction that many customers have to your business. As first impressions count, we want to ensure you´re making all the right ones, so we’ve created your website homepage checklist from The Blogging Boutique.

The checklist in this blog is designed to help women in business make the most of this prime marketing space. We´ll look at the components that make up a successful homepage and offer suggestions that you can implement to optimise your page power.

What Makes a Good Website Homepage?

An Effective Website Header

Your website header is at the very top of your homepage and it´s the first space visitors see when they arrive on your site. Most websites feature an attractive cover image, but if you ask me, a picture alone does not say enough. I recommend including a statement that summarises what your business is all about. See The Blogging Boutique homepage as an example. Our headline concisely explains what we do (creating digital content) and who we service (women in business).

Another tip to optimise this space is to include links to your most popular website pages, within your homepage header. The most frequently visited pages for The Blogging Boutique are our online resources and our services pages; both of which feature on our website header. Offering easy access to key website pages on your homepage makes it simple and easy for visitors to engage.

In my experience, this tip has the added bonus of reducing your website bounce rate. It's win, win.

Homepage Content Tips

Your website homepage is your opportunity to welcome new visitors, introduce them to your brand and entice them with your offering. Content plays a huge part in this process. If you’re someone who struggles to find the words or are unsure what to write, The Blogging Boutique has got you covered.

Here are five key questions to answer within your homepage content on your business website:

Content for your Business Website Homepage

WHO? – Your website homepage should clearly communicate who your service or products are aimed at.

WHAT? – Your website homepage should explain exactly what your brand, product or service is.

WHERE & HOW? – Your website homepage should outline how and where. If you are a service-based business, do you see clients in-person, virtually or both? If you sell a product, is it virtual or physical and what is your delivery coverage area?

WHY? – Last but definitely not least, the why is key to truly connecting and converting your audience. Your website homepage should explain why your customer should invest in you. You are the solution to their problem.

Consistent Brand Image

At The Blogging Boutique, we recommend maintaining a consistent brand image across all your online platforms, and your website homepage is no exception. Consistent branding makes your business identifiable; it sets you apart from the competition and builds trust in your brand.

It is so much more than a logo. Your branding encompasses everything from your layout, imagery, and colour story, to your choice of language and brand voice. Have a clear picture of your target client and ensure your website homepage is created with them in mind.

Of course, there is a lot more that goes into creating a successful website homepage than we can cover in this tiny blog. Each website strategy we create is unique and tailored to achieve the personal business goals of our clients.

Website Services - Could You Benefit?

The Blogging Boutique provides a range of web services; from management and SEO to website development and design.

Are you updating your own business website and would feel more confidence with some guidance? A Full Website Audit is a great place to start.

We hope you make use of your website homepage checklist from The Blogging Boutique.

If you have any questions about our recommendations or business services, you know where to find us…